Setup local timezone in the Koha Server with 3 commands

 Sometimes our server and local time has difference, which makes the sytem behind the current time. 

To solve this we previously used ntp servers, but now timedatectl is enough. 

Let's do it: 

Open koha root terminal: 

Enter the command below: 

Command 1: 


You will get output like this:

This is not the right time as I am in Dhaka, my timezone is Asia/Dhaka and local time is 11:45.17 AM which is 6 hours ahead of the server time. 

Enter the command below: 

Command 2: 

timedatectl list-timezones

Let's see the list of timezones and pickup my zone.

Going to bottom after several enter till my timezone appears. 

Now we got our timezone "Asia/Dhaka". Let's set it up.

Command 3: 

timedatectl set-timezone Asia/Dhaka

Let's check the configuration: 

Also check in About koha: 



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