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Necessary Debian Administration commands

 Cache server cache: Problem: Failed to flush caches: Unit dbus-org.freedesktop.resolve1.service not found. Solution:  Enable the systemd-resolve service systemd-resolve --flush-caches

Install git CLI gh commands in debian

Reference: wget dpkg -i gh_2.12.1_linux_amd64.deb apt -f install

Drupal Insert into new content type date only field from existing timestamp

CODE:  INSERT INTO node__field_date (entity_id, bundle, revision_id, langcode, field_date_value) SELECT nid, type, vid, langcode, FROM_UNIXTIME(created, '%Y-%m-%d') FROM node_field_data  Table comparison: node__field_data = node__field_date nid = entity_id type = bundle vid = revision_id langcode = langcode created = field_date_value Sample data: bundle:newsclips:type entity_id:123670 revision_id:123785 langcode:en field_date_value:2022-06-13